Bump Show

Bump Show

Union Française – 429, avenue Viger E, H2L 2N9. Doors Open 19h / Show 20h

What Is It?

The Blues Bump show is a collection of works by the blues dance community of Montreal and friends from out of town. This year we have invited the amazing Dan Nash to be on stage with us.

Montreal is a dance scene rich in exploration of the arts and we are proud to showcase some of the things we’ve been working on at this show.

How Can I Watch the Show?

You can watch the show through the following:

* Having a early registration full pass to Blues Bump 2019, it is included in your ticket.
* Purchasing a dance ticket for Friday night dance online or at the door. The show is included in the Friday night dance.
** If you are a spectator (friend/family of performers), you can purchase by clicking this link: https://squareup.com/store/barrelhouseclub/item/blues-bump-spectator-pass

Show Order

  1. Dan Nash Acapella
  2. I Don’t Need No Doctor
  3. Keys to the Highway (Barrelhouse Club)
  4. I’m in The Mood (V’lyne & Roxanne)
  5. Tribute to the Spirit Moves (Randy, Mimi, Gen, Alain, Yamac, Karine, Maude)
  6. Sweet Home Chicago
  7. Jean-Martin & Karine
  8. Cats Corner Blues Troupe
  9. Profs Demo
  10. Dan Nash
  11. Born with the Blues (Gab Kern)
  12. Ain’t Nobodies’ Business (Ani-Claude)
  13. Come in My Kitchen (Liliann)
  14. Speaking My Mind
  15. Solo Intermediate Troupe
  16. Trombone Butter
  17. Death Letter Blues (Ariane)
  18. Finale